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About Us

For Newcomers, Frequent Travellers and Locals.

A centralized resource and information hub to navigate your Community with ease. Search for upcoming events, businesses, jobs and more. 

ListaLive is a video-first, Local Community Platform providing you with a more immersive and authentic view of what’s available in your City. 

Connect, Collaborate and Explore your Community with ListaLive.

For Small Businesses.

The next generation of classified ads. 

A simplified, low-cost advertising solution to help you maximize your online visibility. 

ListaLive promotes the simplicity and affordability of classified ads, combined with the power of video and other innovative tools that drive engagement and trust online.

Share your latest news and promotions, engage with your Customers, and find Local talent with ListaLive.


Meet the Founder

Illandra Page is a South African-born, Canadian Entrepreneur, and Digital Creator. She has built an online presence across multiple social media platforms with a combined Community of close to 2 Million people. She now wants to use her platforms, together with the creation of ListaLive to fuel Local Economies on a global scale, with a platform that caters specifically to the needs of Small Businesses, Newcomers and Locals.

"I've been in the shoes of a Newcomer or an Immigrant, having to build a life from the ground up while trying to navigate a new Community and culture. It's a daunting experience, especially without the right resources and support system. I also know what it takes to build an online presence in today's fast-paced digital landscape - a challenge faced by many Small Business owners. Between Google and social media, advertising has become expensive and increasingly complex. It's a daily battle trying to keep up with technology and trends, and the extent to which you gain exposure is dependent on algorithms that are constantly changing. Our Local Communities are the backbone of our Economy, yet they are being left behind. There is currently no online solution catering specifically to their needs. Let's get back to simplicity, and let's harness the power of Community and innovation to uplift our Local Communities, by giving them a dedicated place online to thrive."

Our Mission

To build the strongest Local Ecosystem online.

We strive to promote Growth, Opportunity and Collaboration within Local Communities globally, by giving Small Businesses, Newcomers and Locals a dedicated place online.

ListaLive, bringing people and Communities together.

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